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Welcome to Insights in Coding with Duncan


I’m Duncan, a seasoned software engineer hailing from the Netherlands, with industry experience that dates back to 2008. I’ve always harbored a desire to delve into the realm of blogging, to share my insights and perspectives about the tech industry, and life as a whole, with a wider audience. Until now, a certain hurdle has held me back.

Growing up, I was diagnosed with dyslexia. This has, to some degree, impeded my self-expression in the written form. The fear of being judged and ridiculed for spelling and grammar mistakes lurked constantly, making me hesitant about showcasing my writing. However, the advent of GPT Language Model has been nothing short of a game-changer for me. No longer do I need to constantly seek my wife’s help for spellchecks before publishing each piece. Although she loves to assist, her unfamiliarity with the industry-specific jargon often led to mixed results.

My interests and opinions stretch across a multitude of subjects, and I can’t wait to bring those discussions to this platform.

In the spirit of honesty and transparency—values I hold in high esteem—I will be publishing the raw versions of my blog posts, pre-GPT-4 processing, on my GitHub. This way, you can compare the original text with the GPT-4 enhanced version, witnessing the transformation it undergoes.

You’ll find a link to the raw content in the footer of each article. While I am still working on a method to generate dynamic links to the markdown files on GitHub, I will manually attach them for the time being.

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